Why you should date yourself: 20 solo date ideas

Solo dating isn’t a new thing, but it’s growing in popularity on social media. And it’s a trend we’re here for. So why should you take yourself on a solo date? What can you do? And is it awkward?

Why you should date yourself: 20 solo date ideas
As the colder months arrive and cuffing season begins, dating has been given a new meaning for singletons and couples alike. ‘Solo dates’ (or ‘masterdating’) is a new form of self-care that’s been popularised by social media in the recent months.
So what exactly is a solo dating? It's the act of taking yourself out, just like you would a partner, to enjoy activities or relaxation. From treating oneself to a fancy dinner or heading to a pottery class, solo dates have rapidly become a trending self-care routine.

Why you should take yourself on a solo date

There are so many benefits of solitude for you brain function and mental wellbeing. Going on a solo date is a form of self care - you’re dedicating time in your calendar for yourself and not just for others. Here’s some benefits of solo dates:
Trying New Things Venturing out solo can nudge you to dive into experiences you've never considered before. Or do something you’ve wanted to do, but don’t have a friend to do them with. If your fave band is playing, and no-one else is free, you might ordinarily miss the gig, but a solo date entices you to just go anyway.
Boosts Confidence A solo date can push you out of your comfort zone, and doing uncomfortable things are usually the most rewarding. If you’re feeling anxious on a solo date but you get through the discomfort, you will prove to yourself that you can do it. You’ll feel more confident, independent and liberated. Plus, the more you date yourself, the more you’ll enjoy your own company. This can significantly boost self-worth and confidence.
Meet New People Ironically, being by yourself can sometimes open doors to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals. When you’re with friends, it’s harder to meet new people as you’re giving your attention to them. By being on your own, you’re more likely to engage in conversations with others. Human connection is really important for our mental health, and by going alone you might just make a few new pals.
Helps You Reset Amidst our bustling lives, a solo date and spending some time alone can serve as a reset button, allowing you to reconnect with yourself. It also gives you space to just be, rather than needing to make conversation.
Challenges You Going out solo can be a bold move. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, which is a way for you to grow and develop. It’s not easy and you might think “is everyone looking at me?”, but once you do it, you’ll be more empowered.

Is going on a solo date awkward?

Not at all. The though of going on a solo date is probably more awkward than the reality of doing it. Think about if you saw someone on a solo date, having coffee and a croissant in the morning. what would you think? Probably - “what a legend, I wish I could do that”. There is nothing awkward about a solo date - especially now it’s growing in popularity (30% of our guests at Unplugged have gone solo!).
If you’re feeling a little anxious, then here’s how we would recommend planning a solo date:
  1. Start small If the idea seems daunting, begin with short solo activities like a coffee or a walk in the park.
  1. Plan your date Decide what you want to do, whether it’s dinner date or a gig you’ve wanted to go to and book it in.
  1. Put it in the calendar and stick to it Block the date and time. Treating it like a 'real' date will make you less likely to cancel on yourself.
  1. Make it special If you’re going for dinner, why not dress up. Make the effort for yourself and give yourself more confidence!
  1. Commit to one a solo date a month If you enjoyed it, or even if you didn’t, commit the time to spend with yourself at least once a month.

20 solo date ideas

Coming up with solo date ideas is the easiest type of date - you only need to think about what you want to do and not about anyone else. Why not pop a list in your notes, or write them on paper and put them into a jar.
  1. Go on a solo walk in nature: The easiest place to start!
  1. Go for breakfast: Whether it’s just a coffee and croissant or solo brunch, start the day right!
  1. Visit a museum or gallery: Somewhere a lot of people go solo to inspire yourself
  1. Pottery class: Try something new and learn a new skill
  1. Cookery class: Try cooking a new cuisine in a local cookery class
  1. Go to a gig: Your fave band, or even one you’ve never heard of
  1. Cinema date: Popcorn and a movie. Plus noone knows your on your own!
  1. Pizza night: Stay in and make your own pizza, or dress up for date night, in
  1. Go for dinner: Book a table for one and enjoy a solo dinner date
  1. Charity shop shopping: Try thrifting and finding a bargain for an afternoon
  1. Pamper evening: Spend the evening in your PJs
  1. Visit a local market: Head out on a Sunday and explore the local market
  1. Go shopping: A form of self care in itself, but head alone and stop for lunch or coffee
  1. Read in a coffee shop: Slow down and recharge in a local coffee shop with a book
  1. Solo staycation: Head to an Unplugged cabin for a solo digital detox
  1. Fitness class: Workout and meet new people in a group fitness class or run club
  1. Meditation/yoga retreat: Head away for a few days for the ultimate recharge
  1. Last minute theatre trip: See if there are any last minute shows on
  1. Spa day: Take yourself to the spa for the ultimate pamper
  1. Brush and bubbles night: Try painting with a glass of vino
In the end, solo dating is all about relishing the joy of your own company and embarking on adventures that ignite your soul. Dive in, take the plunge, and date the most fantastic person you know – you!
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