Designed for switching off

Off-grid cabins nestled in nature. Lock your phone away and escape endless scrolling and notifications. 


Designed for digital detoxing

Our cabins are built for life offline, so you can escape the constant buzz of technology with a 3 night digital detox. Every cabin includes a phone lockbox, a replacement Nokia (yes it has snake), an instant camera, books and games to truly switch off.

The science


Nestled in nature

All our cabins are surrounded by nature, with incredible views from the picture window. Powered entirely by solar energy and built with low carbon impact materials, our cabins are built with nature at heart. You can travel to all our cabins by train and taxi within 1-2 hours. 

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Built for life offline

No technology doesn't mean no activities. We include everything you might need for your digital detox. 

Phone Lockbox

A designated space for your devices. Every lockbox is on a traditional lock and key so you can put your devices out sight and mind. 

Instant camera & film

No camera, no problem. Every cabin has its own Instax camera with 10 free films to snap pictures of your stay. 

Replacement Nokia

We include an old school Nokia so you can still reach friends and family or cabin support during your stay. And yes, it does have Snake! 

Radio & Cassettes

Pop on some music or the radio on the cabin's radio cassette player. We include a selection of old school cassette tapes too. 

Map & Compass

Replace Google Maps with a physical map and compass. Each cabin map includes local walk routes and best places to visit nearby.


Get lost in a book without the distraction of your phone. We include a selection of our favourite books on the shelves. 

Board games

Get competitive with our selection of board games. We include Jenga, Scrabble, Sequence and more! 

Conversation Cards

Reconnect with yourself or your parter by asking thought-provoking questions in our Diary of CEO Conversation Cards

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our cabins are well insulated and have an indoor log burner that will keep you toasty in colder months. We include enough firewood, kindling and firelighters for your first night. For Β£20 you can add full access to our log store, or you can of course bring your own logs. 

Yep! All our cabins have hot water (and fresh drinking water) so you can enjoy a hot shower. 

Hell yeah! Our cabins are powered by solar energy - though so the next Q re: plugs!

We don't include traditional plug sockets but we do have USB charging points, so you can still charge any devices before checking out. 

We have a fully equipped kitchen for you to rustle up your favourite meals, a hot shower in the bathroom with towels and toiletries too.

You can find a full list of everything included in the cabin here

All cabins have a fully equipped indoor bathroom. It includes a hot rainfall shower, composting toilet, eco-friendly toiletries and fresh towels. 

Check in is from 3pm and check out at 10am (except at Koya, where check in is from 4pm and check out at 11am).

We currently offer late check-out and early check-in at a selection of cabins. For Β£25 you can add 2 extra hours to your booking - just select the add-on during the checkout process.

Our cabins are powered by nature. They run entirely from solar power and are built with low carbon impact materials. 

Cabins are built with the circular economy approach so the building can live many lives! We only include eco-friendly brands in the cabins and they're heated with your own wood burner.

Yes! All our cabins are accessible by train and a short taxi ride. You can find the breakdown of each journey on the cabin page. 

Yes, every cabin has a dedicated parking space for 1 or 2 cars. 

At most of our cabins - absolutely. Even puppies need to switch off from chasing city pigeons. We absolutely love seeing your four-legged friends at our cabins, so much so we actually name our cabins after pups that have come to stay. Unfortunately, pups are not able to stay at Olive, Heidi, Mabel or Roland due to roaming wildlife nearby. There's a Β£35 fee to bring your pooch along - this covers extra cleaning, and a doggy welcome pack.

Most of our cabins only sleep 2 people in a double or king size bed. If you'd like to escape as a group we have duo cabins that you can book together that are close by but still secluded from each other. These include:

Gruff & Basil
Margo & Wilbur
Pablo & Marcel
Loki & Woody
Peggy & Luna
Otto & Monty
Marley & Arwen
Olive, Heidi & Mabel
Peggy & Luna

Luna, located in Cheshire, has an optional extra single bed, perfect for friends or small families.

Most of our cabins are currently only really suitable for adults. Our special Scandi superloo is very specifically designed to work for adults only so if you did want to bring a little one, they would need to be young enough to still be in nappies. It’s also worth noting we have not β€˜baby-proofed’ the cabin - the wood burning stove does get hot, the bed is quite high, and there are a few pointy edges to be wary of. 

Luna however has an optional extra single bed, perfect for friends or small families, sleeping up to 3 people in total.

We do recommend you lock your phone away to get the most out of your escape, but this is totally self-policed. We provide you with the key in a sealed envelope so if you want to unlock it, you can. 

Yes, there is good signal at all our cabins other than Roland which struggles a little within the cabin. 

All of our cabins have an old-school Nokia to get in touch with cabin support or friends and family. 

Even just spending an hour in nature without your phone can reduced your cortisol (stress hormone) levels by 21%. Studies show that time offline and in nature:

  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Sharpens cognitive function, including memory
  • Improves focus and productivity
  • Strengthens human connection

Our cabins are designed around your digital detox and a minimum of 3 nights which is the optimal time for you to switch off and improve your digital dependancy. You can find more details about the science of digital detoxes here. 

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