Designed for switching off

Off-grid cabins nestled in nature. Lock your phone away and escape endless scrolling and notifications. 



Built for slower living

Life moves fast. And sometimes we forget to press pause. Unplugged cabins are designed to help you slow down. Grind fresh coffee beans, build a fire and read that book you've been meaning to finish for 6 months. 



Designed for digital detoxing

Every cabin includes a phone lockbox so you can rest your mind and escape the digital cloud. We include a replacement Nokia (yes it has snake), an instant camera and games to truly switch off.



Powered by nature

Powered by solar and built with low carbon impact materials, so the building can live many lives! We only include eco-friendly brands in the cabins too, obviously. 

We include everything you need

Beautiful, sustainable and built for going off-grid. We include everything you need so you can pack light and enjoy some true time offline. 


Sleep like a log

Double or King mattress and luxury bedding by Piglet for a perfect nights sleep. Right next to panoramic windows, our beds make the perfect reading corner. 


Cook up a storm

Two gas hobs for cooking with a compact fridge freezer plus all the cooking utensils you need (more on that below) plus loose leaf tea and banging coffee. 


When nature calls

Hot rainfall shower with a view of nature. Great smelling eco-friendly bathroom products, fluffy towels and eco composting toilet.


Warm the cockles

Indoor wood burning stove and outdoor fire pit to unwind in front of. Marshmallows at the ready!


Perfect for pooch

Most of our cabins are pet-friendly, because dogs need to unwind too! In fact, all our cabins are named after furry guests. 


Disconnect to connect

Swap scrolling for strolling. We include a phone lockbox so you can escape the constant noise of social media, emails and notifications. 

Frequently wondered things

Yes. Your dogs are welcome. In fact, we actually name our cabins after your four-legged friends that have come to stay.

We recommend popping your phone in our famous lockboxes, but this is totally self-policed. We provide you with the key in a sealed envelope but if you want to unlock it, you can. 
That being said, we really do recommend spending 72 hours with no distractions, no annoying emails, no Instagram scrolling. Just the time & space to truly switch off. It's honestly much easier than you might think! 

All of our cabins have an old-school Nokia, you know the one you used to play snake on? So if you need to get in touch with us or a nearby pub you can. Plus if you need someone to be able to get in touch during your stay, we can share the Nokia number with them before you lock your phone away at the cabin.

We recommend not bringing much. Our cabins have everything you'd need for a super comfortable stay from all the cooking essentials you'd expect plus super soft towels and very nice smelling toiletries in the bathroom. So bring some food to rustle up, a good book (although we have plenty in the cabin), and a pair of walking shoes. For more details you can head here

Well, we run on solar power. But in terms of how remote our cabins are, you'll feel secluded during your stay but you're still able to venture out to nearby pubs for a pint or two and some shops if you forget some supplies.

Our cabins are all within an hour or so of London life whether you are driving or catching the train you'll be able to easily reach the cabins. If you are catching a train then pre-book a taxi from the station, our cabins are typically no more than a 15-minute ride from the station.

All of our cabins offer the same experience as they have the same amenities and features. We love the big statement window! It's perfect for watching the sunrise in the morning and star gazing at night

Self check-in is from 3pm and check-out is at 10am (except Koya, which has 4pm check-in and 11am check-out)

At most of our cabins - absolutely. Even puppies need to switch off from chasing city pigeons. We absolutely love seeing your four-legged friends at our cabins, so much so we actually name our cabins after pups that have come to stay. Unfortunately, pups are not able to stay at Olive

Right now all of our cabins sleep 2 people. If you're looking to stay with friends, Gruff & Basil are on the same location so you'll be able to switch off together whilst still having your own private space when you need to

Unfortunately our cabins are currently only really suitable for adults. Our special Scandi superloo is very specifically designed to work for adults only, so if you did want to bring a little one, they would need to be young enough to still be in nappies. It’s also worth noting we have not ‘baby-proofed’ the cabin - the wood burning stove does get hot, the bed is quite high, and there are a few pointy edges to be wary of. 

Ready to unplug?

Press pause, switch off and be present.