Digital detox escapes for employees

Digital free escapes at off-grid cabins for hardworking employees to recharge. Give your team the opportunity to be truly Out Of Office, with an annual 3-day digital detox.

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Constant screen time is burning out employees

We're online more than ever. With over 50% of UK workers racking up nearly 11 hours in front of screens a day. High screen time and stress from work is causing burnout, lack of focus and a decrease in creativity. 


Recharge by helping them go truly offline

We're always contactable and 60% of people feel the need to reply to emails outside of work hours. Encourage your team to switch off and reap the benefits of nature by giving them Unplugged Out of Office. 

The wellbeing benefit employees will actually use

Digital detox cabins nestled in nature for a 3 night digital detox. Boost their wellbeing and encourage your team to switch off and spend quality time in nature. 

Off-grid cabins

Beautifully designed off-grid cabins that allow people of all zen types to access nature. Built for comfort, we include luxury bedding, a hot shower and a fully equipped kitchen. 

About the cabins

3 night digital detox

Employees are encouraged to lock their phones away for 3 nights in our lockboxes. We include everything they'll need for life offline, like books, board games and a physical map. 

The science

1-2 hours from UK cities

We have 20 beautiful cabins that are only 1-2 hours from major UK cities like London and Manchester. All cabins are immersed in nature, with a large picture window right by the bed. 

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Flexible plans to suit your team

We know every business is different, so we can tailor our plans to suit you and your team. Pay less as your grow your team. 

Choose number of stays

Choose as many vouchers as you need with up to 10% corporate discount on each stay. 

Hassle-free booking

Employees receive unique code to book their 3 or 4 night stay at any cabin. 

No lost cost

Tailor to your teams needs and re-gift any unused vouchers. 

Ready to give your team the ultimate recharge?

Let us know a few details about your company and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can. 


Here's the answer so some common questions about Unplugged Out of Office. If you can't find the answer, get in touch. 

Every company is unique, so we're all about offering tailored packages for your team. You can simply purchase a few vouchers for a particular team or sign up your whole company. The more vouchers you buy, the more discount you get per stay. 

After signing up to Unplugged Out of Office, we will issue your employees with their unique code to book their free 3 or 4 night stay. They can choose any cabin, on any date and take their partner or go it alone. As an employer, you don't need to do anything!

We'll simply send a code to any new employees. You can either pay for this as they're onboarded or we can account for the difference in stays purchased / stays used at the end of the year.

You can regift the voucher to another employee or client. 

Our stays start at £292 + VAT per employee. The price of stays depends on whether you offer midweek or weekend stays, and how many stays are in your package. The larger your team, the cheaper each stay is. 

There's no minimum limit. You can start with a single stay, or just enroll your management teams. We are entirely flexible to suit your business. 

Our cabins are quite small, so not suitable for children of all ages. We do have a cabin launching that will sleep 3 and we have a selection of duo cabins, such as Basil and Gruff, where they can stay across two cabins. 

Yes! All our cabins are for 1-2 people so they can bring their partner or friend along too. 

Yes. Dogs need to switch off too. All our cabins (other than Heidi, Olive and Roland) are dog friendly.