An antidote to hectic city life

Unplug & recharge with a digital detox at a beautiful off-grid cabin just outside of London

How it works

Take a digital detox by locking away your devices and spend time to recharge in a beautiful off-grid cabin

Book your escape

Our cabins are 1 hour from London and the welcome pack has all details you need

Lock your phone away

On arrival get a map and torch to reach your cabin and shut your phone away in the lockbox

Unplug & Recharge

Relax. Do nothing. Do something and then return to the world completely recharged

Time for a change

With a growing frustration of the inability to switch off, Hector spent 2 weeks at a silent retreat in the Himalayas.

Ben is far less zen. However, after realising he was clocking up 14 hours of screen time a day and seeing Hector return completely recharged, they thought…

How can we get busy city folk to unplug from their devices and recharge without flying halfway around the globe?

An ancient remedy

Humans have always escaped to nature as an antidote to hectic city life. The issue is that now so many of us just wouldn’t know where to start.

We’re glued to our phones, inundated with push notifications & respond to emails at all times of the day.

We’re on a mission to help you unplug from your devices so that you can recharge.

Unplugged cabins are a space for you to switch off, relax & recharge.

Feel the benefits of a few days digital detox and return to city life feeling ready to get back to it.

Offgrid Experience

Our cabins are within an hour of city life, quick to get to, remote enough to switch off

Take 3 nights to switch off and unplug.  For those looking to take some time out but plenty long enough to fully recharge.

  • £160 per night
  • 3 Nights
  • Up to 2 People


Get a weekly curated collection of 3 things you can watch, read or listen to switch off from the busy everyday.


Our 3 night experiences are released in seasons, you can now book for the Summer season of July – September.

Our cabin is just 1 hour north of London so a quick drive or a short train journey and taxi ride from the nearest station. Once you book you’ll get all the details you need to get to your cabin.

We want you to switch off completely and fully recharge during your stay. Our cabins have a beautiful shower & cooking facilities plus all the essentials you need. All you need to do is bring some delicious food to cook up.

Our cabins are more about the experience than just a beautiful place to stay. There are of course some beautiful walks and views to be had but we have so many little hidden secrets and gems of things to do and experience in the cabin during your stay.

Of course – our 3 night experience is the longest you can book directly but if you need a longer detox then just get in touch and we’ll create you your own offgrid experience.

Absolutely! We only ask 2 things. No muddy paws on the bedding and before you lock your phone away you share a few pics for our Unplugged Pups series.


Our first experiences are now able to booked for July, August & September