The perfect solo escape

Safe and secluded off-grid cabins for your next solo trip in the countryside. Lock your phone away and escape endless scrolling and notifications. 



Solo never felt so YOLO

If you're looking for a secluded getaway where you can disconnect from the world, notifications and (people) - you've come to the right place. Our cabins are the perfect retreat for solo travellers seeking solitude and adventure.

Unplugged cabins are designed to help you reconnect with yourself. Your own private cabin, surrounded by nature and with no distractions. The perfect space to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries.



Enter, empowerment

Going on a solo escape is one of the most empowering things you can do. It can evoke a sense of reconnection, reflection and self-assurance. You'll leave your digital detox feeling a huge sense of achievement. 



Break out of your comfort zone

Embarking on a solo escape can be daunting, but we promise you'll reap the benefits. It will build confidence and resilience, and you'll come away with a renewed sense of self. If you're a little unsure - book in a chat with us!

Cabins for Solo Travellers

Whilst all our cabins are perfect for solo escapes, these are some of our faves.

Safe, secluded and comfortable

Our cabins are safe and secluded and we include everything you need to switch off for a few days. 


Feel safe and sound

All our cabins are on private land and secluded in your own little nook in nature. Cabins are fully secure and you have a Nokia phone if you need to contact the outside world.


Sleep like a log

Double or King mattress and luxury bedding by Piglet for a perfect night's sleep. Right next to panoramic windows, our beds make the perfect reading corner. 


Cook up a storm

Gas hobs for cooking with a compact fridge freezer plus all the cooking utensils you need, plus loose leaf tea and banging coffee. 


When nature calls

Hot (powerful) shower with a view of nature. Great smelling eco-friendly bathroom products, fluffy towels and eco composting toilet.


Warm the cockles

Log burner and outdoor fire pit to unwind in front of. We include wood, kindling and fire lighters for a cosy night in front of the fire. Marshmallows at the ready. 


Perfect for pooch

All our cabins (other than Olive and Heidi) are pet-friendly. Because dogs need to unwind too. In fact, all our cabins are named after furry guests. 


Disconnect to connect

Swap scrolling for strolling. We include a phone lockbox so you can escape the constant noise of social media, emails and notifications. 

Solo Traveller Reviews

We've had lots of solo guests and here's what they say about their experience

Solo escape FAQs

Find the answer to our most frequently asked questions about escaping to Unplugged on your own 

Yes! All our off-grid cabins are on private land so you're secluded from civilisation. You will have a unique code for your key lockbox and all the doors lock to keep you secure. You will also have a Nokia phone if you need to contact anyone, or if you'd rather use your own phone you can access this at any time from the lockbox. Our landowners are usually quite close by too, if you have any emergencies. 

Yes! At most of our cabins there is good signal for the Nokia or your mobile phone. The only cabin that struggles a little bit is Roland, which is a truly off-grid experience.

Whatever you want! The time is entirely yours to do what you want to relax. We recommend getting out on walks in nature and maybe meeting some locals at the nearby pubs. Definitely pack a journal, or another hobby, so that you can relax and reflect whilst listening to the cassette player. Most importantly - relax! 

All our stays are 3 nights and charged at a flat price of £390 for weekday stays, and £450 for weekends. If you'd like to bring your pooch with you, they're only an extra £35. 

It can be daunting to go away on your own, especially without technology, so the first day might feel a little weird. But by day two and three you should feel totally empowered and independent. 

We include a lot in the cabins to keep you occupied (find the full inventory here) but we do recommend bringing a journal with you. You'll likely spend some time reflecting and setting goals so it's good to have a pen and paper to hand. 


A little uneasy about doing it alone? Chat with Rebecca

If you love the idea of escaping to an Unplugged cabin on your own but feeling a little uneasy about it, our (super) friendly team member Rebecca holds calls with solo travellers. 

Rebecca is a solo traveller herself and can run you through how it works, help you choose a cabin and easy any anxieties you might have. 

Want to travel together?

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