Our story

From burnout to off-grid cabins


Why we started Unplugged

We’re convinced that the world, and everyone on it, would be happier and more productive if we dedicated time to going offline for a few days each year.

Unplugging should be easy, accessible from city life. That’s why we created Unplugged, to help the always-on, switch off.


A few years ago

We worked hard but also played hard. Too many beers at too many pubs was too frequent a thing.

Hector and Ben worked together at a tech startup and were busy flying off to set up new offices across the globe and that led us to feeling a little bit burnt out.


Escaping to the Himalayas

With a growing frustration of the inability to switch off, Hector spent 2 weeks at a silent retreat in the mountains. 

He spent his time meditating, doing chores and contemplating the meaning of life and upon his return, feeling completely recharged and refocussed, he quit his job the next day. 

Crazy we know.


Something for all zen levels

Ben is far less zen. However, after realising he was clocking up 14 hours of screen time a day and seeing Hector return completely recharged, they thought…

How can we get busy city folk to unplug from their devices and recharge without flying halfway around the globe?


An ancient remedy

Humans have always escaped to nature as an antidote to hectic city life. The issue is that now so many of us just wouldn’t know where to start. 

We’re glued to our phones, inundated with push notifications & respond to emails at all times of the day. We’re on a mission to help you unplug from your devices so that you can recharge.


Off-grid cabins for busy city workers

So we decided to build beautiful off-grid cabins just outside of city life that take less than an hour or two to get to.

The space and time is yours to  switch off how you want to.


Locking phones away

When we launched our first cabin, Koya in July 2020 we’d check in and out every guest, lock their phones away and take the key back with us to London. Now we have a lot more cabins, guests check themselves in and are encouraged to lock their phones away to benefit from 3 nights offline.

We of course practice what we preach and all of the Unplugged team go for a digital detox at least once per year to help us switch off and recharge.

Find your escape

Our dog-friendly cabins are fully sustainable and off-grid, just an hour away from the urban jungle.