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Kurgo offers Unplugged Out of Office as a wellbeing benefit for their team to switch off and recharge. We spoke to their founders and their team to find out why this is a wellbeing benefit they ACTUALLY use

Kurogo started with one vision: to create industry leaders through personal branding. After working with over 100 CEOs, founders and senior leaders worldwide in the last 2 years, they've learned a thing or two about personal branding. They’ve cracked the strategy that the world's most successful personal brands use, but they’ve also cracked how to keep their team happy and productive.
Kurogo joined the Unplugged Out of Office program in August 2022 to encourage their employees to switch off which can be incredibly hard for a company that works online. We spoke to some of their team about workplace wellbeing and how Unplugged has helped them avoid burnout.

Sam, Founder & CEO

Sam founded Kurogo in February 2021. He believes that company culture should set a person up for life inside and outside of their working hours. Introducing Unplugged Out of Office has given his team much needed time offline and nurtured their wellbeing.
“Beers on a Friday are great, but what if we could give our teams the tools they need to live a healthy, secure and happy life for 168 hours a week, not just 40. I want to create something that takes care of every aspect of our team’s well-being which is why we’ve offered the entire team a free digital detox stay.”

Josh, Personal Brand Manager

“I just got back from my Unplugged experience at Marcel and I must say it was incredible. For someone that works on their phone and laptop all of the time it was a little nerve racking to put my phone in the lock box but it really helped me. It allowed me to slow down. It allowed me to actually appreciate all the small things. It was just really, really relaxing. I didn’t want to leave. Unplugged is literally the best vacation you can take to unwind, rest and return feeling refreshed”
Josh at Marcel
Josh at Marcel

Isobel, Head of Social

“I’m incredibly grateful to Unplugged for giving me an escape away from my 1 bedroom flat where I stay 24/7! Stop waiting to hit burnout to take a break. You’re allowed to use your annual leave without having a breakdown!”
Isobel at Woody
Isobel at Woody

Carina, Personal Brand Manager

“No smartphone. No laptop. No computer. In a small cabin in the countryside. Sounds like the start of a horror film, but it was actually so rejuvenating. The whole idea is to do nothing. We built a toasty log fire, played lots of board games, watched the sunset and stargazed. It was so nice to just have a break from screens and to just enjoy our surroundings”
Carina at Luna
Carina at Luna
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