Guide to Going Solo: Everything you need to know

A solo escape is incredibly good for the soul. Here’s a few tips to get the most out of your trip

Guide to Going Solo: Everything you need to know
A solo escape can feel incredibly rejuvenating. We’re always switched on and the noise around us can leave us feeling disconnected. To ensure you have a well rested stay, here are a few things we’ve thought about to get the most out of your stay.

Arrive when it’s light

We recommend arriving before it gets dark so you can familiarise yourself with the beautiful surroundings. When you book your stay, your welcome guide will include sunrise and sunset times for you check before heading off. If it’s not possible to arrive before sunset, please use the torch on your phone before you venture on foot to the cabin. You will then find a torch within the cabin.

Use the key lockbox

Each cabin has a lockbox outside the cabin door. If you venture out, feel free to leave the key in the lockbox to avoid it getting lost on your adventure. It’ll be one less thing to worry about. If not, try attaching the key to a belt loop or bag tag.

Emergency phone and cabin support

If you need anything, always feel free to text our cabin support number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We currently operate on a text service so we can be quicker to get back to you, even on weekends and evenings. If it’s a question regarding how something works, you’ll probably find this in our handy cabin manual which you’ll find on the table as you enter.
Your trusty Nokia is topped up so you can make outgoing calls or texts to loved ones if you need some human contact! You will receive the number for this phone in your welcome pack to share with people before your stay.
We include an old school Nokia to contact cabin support or loved ones
We include an old school Nokia to contact cabin support or loved ones
“I had an amazing solo trip to Olive cabin - one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. Beautifully designed in a secluded part of the East Sussex countryside. Felt very safe and had everything you could need from a hot shower, fridge and big bed with amazing views. Great place to just switch off, read, light fires and unplug from everything. Will definitely be back!” - Rebecca

Be aware of the wildlife

All our cabins are nestled in nature. You’ll likely see an array of British wildlife including hares, sheep, pheasants and deer. Some animals stay out a little later than us, so you may hear a few noises around the cabin. Don’t worry this is likely to be a nosy badger - something us city folk aren’t quite used to hearing in the noise of the city. We understand it can make some people feel uneasy, but they are totally harmless.

Take the time to recharge

I bet you can’t remember the last time you were bored or did, well - nothing. We encourage you to embrace the slow life while at the cabin.

1. Read a book (or three)

We recommend bringing some good books to get stuck into. We include a great selection of books too, including Wabi Sabi by Beth Kempton, or Do Nothing by Celeste Hedlee.

2. Journal or draw

Journalling is great for the mind and an amazing way to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and goals. Bring a notebook along and let the paper be your canvas. If you’re new to journalling, here’s a few tips.
You’re surrounded by wildlife, so they might be a bit noisy
You’re surrounded by wildlife, so they might be a bit noisy

3. Explore the local area

You’ll be provided with a map and compass to help you venture out on beautiful walks or even to the local pub. We include recommendations of walks and pubs in advance too, if you like to plan. We recommend taking the cabin Nokia with you too!

4. Eat and drink

Whether you love to cook or prefer to eat out, spend your time entertaining your taste buds. There’s lots of local food places a short walk from every cabin, or we have a fully equipped kitchen with a gas hob, fridge and all the cooking equipment you’ll need.

5. Build a fire and chill at the cabin

Embrace doing nothing. Did you know having nothing to do is actually really good for your brain? We keep lots of activities in the cabin to keep your mind occupied if you’d prefer. We have games, books, a radio and an instant camera to take some snaps. You’ll also have your first night’s worth of firewood for the indoor wood burner and outdoor fire pit, so why not go back to basics and build a fire.
Find stillness and use your home away from phone to do whatever you like (Rebecca Hope)
Find stillness and use your home away from phone to do whatever you like (Rebecca Hope)
If you have any questions or concerns at all, our friendly team are always on hand to help and you can book in a call with us at any point to have a chat here.
“I had a wonderful time. I journaled, walked 18(!!!) miles to Bodiam Castle, met some horses, spoke to country people and just generally had a really lovely time. I must admit, there was a little anxiety over not being online/available but that soon melted away. I also read two books and haven’t read like that in years” - Steve

Why not have a chat with us?

If you’d prefer a short call to help ease any nerves, illustrate what to expect and answer any questions in general, Rebecca (an avid solo traveller) would love to chat. Most of our solo travellers chat with us ahead of their stay which has helped enhance their stay experience. Feel free to pop in a 15 minute call here.

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