Unique Off-Grid Cabins

Near London

Escape to a unique off-grid cabin near London. Only 1-2 hours away.




Off-grid cabins close to London

Modern off-grid cabins just an hour or two from London. You don't have to travel far to find a totally secluded off-grid cabin. 



No phone, no wifi, no endless scrolling

80% of us check our phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Unplugged off-grid cabin stays help you lock your phone away to have a totally unique staycation. 



Our top off-grid cabins in the UK

The 3 Night Digital Detox

Off-grid and offline. We give you everything you need to switch off in nature. 

Book 3 night escape

A 3 night escape is the optimal time it takes to break your digital dependancy and switch off 

Lock phone away

Padlock your phone away to truly switch off. We provide all you need, even an old Nokia for emergencies

Rest and recharge

Watch the sun rise through panoramic windows, explore in the wilderness or simply read and relax

Cabin locations near London

What our guests say

Our off-grid cabins have hosted couples, songwriters, corporate workers, start up founders and solo travellers. 


"We never knew how much we needed to properly disconnect"

There’s nothing quite like a laptop exploding that says, ‘you need a digital detox’ - yes that really happened, AND it was the night before we were due to escape off grid with Unplugged Rest! The retreat was truly blissful, we forgot about our tech drama from the night before and our phones were a thing of the past. From morning coffee with a view to relaxing dinners by the fire pit, we never knew how much we needed to properly disconnect, until we checked in to the Margo cabin. It was the most lovely 3 days spent together in nature away from WiFi and the world, would head back in a flash.

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"It was so nice to switch off and spend quality time together"

It was so nice to switch off and spend quality time together without any distractions. The setting was so peaceful and calming. We stayed in the Marcel cabin and I can confirm its a great location if you want to propose

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Kiera, Feel Good Club

"I've kept my phone on do not disturb since we got back and it's actually changed my life"

Oh my god, our stay was BEAUTIFUL, genuinely up there hitting the top spot on our favourite UK breaks! I've kept my phone on do not disturb since we got back and it's actually changed my life

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LUKE & TYLER, the two bohemians

"We truly enjoyed undisturbed time with each other"

We locked our phones in a box and for three days we truly enjoyed undisturbed and undistracted time with each other

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