Escape from endless Zoom calls

Lock your phone away in an off-grid cabin so you can completely recharge

How to unplug

Lock your phone away for a 3-night digital detox at an off-grid cabin


1. Choose your start date

Find your 3-night phone-free escape at a cabin an hour from city life


2. Lock your phone away

Swap your smartphone for a map to rediscover the lost art of getting a little lost


3. Unplug and recharge

Switch off in nature and enjoy the benefits of a digital detox 


digital detox [noun]

 [dij-i-tl dee-toks] - noun informal

a period of time when you stop using your digital devices to help relieve the stress caused by your constant screen time & endless scrolling


Digital Detox Diaries

"My cabin escape was completely refreshing and totally changed my relationship with my phone and the digital world"


Our story

Time for a change

With a growing frustration of the inability to switch off, Hector spent 2 weeks at a silent retreat in the Himalayas.

Ben is far less zen. However, after realising he was clocking up 14 hours of screen time a day and seeing Hector return completely recharged, they thought…

How can we get busy city folk to unplug from their devices and recharge without flying halfway around the globe?

Find your escape

Your off-grid cabin, nestled in nature, only an hour or so away from London

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